Books on

MATLAB programming


MATLAB for brain and cognitive scientists

This book is designed to bring scientists in psychology, neuroscience, and related fields to intermediate and advanced levels of programming proficiency.

Books on

Time series analysis


Analyzing neural time series data: Theory and practice

A comprehensive guide to the theory and implementation of analyzing electrical brain signals (MEG, EEG, LFP). The focus is on time-, time-frequency- and synchronization-based analyses, including data visualization and statistics.


Fundamentals of time-frequency analysis

This low-cost book focuses on practical implementations of time-frequency analyses in Matlab/Octave. The book explains time-frequency analyses through written explanations and many figures, rather than through opaque mathematical equations.

Books for

General audiences

pop-science book

Cycles in mind: How brain rhythms control perception and action

This book explores the cutting-edge neuroscientific research showing that these brain rhythms affect how you see, hear, and understand the world around you. Written for a non-scientific audience.

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