Is there only a kindle version?

Yes, there is only a kindle version.
But you don't need an actual kindle to read it!
There are free kindle apps for windows/mac/linux, and for smartphones, tablets, etc.
You can even read it from a browser from anywhere with an internet connection at


Click here to go to the book site on
(also available on .fr,, .in, .es, .ca,, .it,, .de,,


The Matlab/Octave code linked below accompanies the book,
"Fundamentals of Time-Frequency Analyses in Matlab/Octave" (
sinc(x) Press).

Using the code without following the book may lead to confusion,
incorrect data analyses, and misinterpretations of results.

The code is best understood by going through it while reading the book.
Mike X Cohen assumes no responsibility for inappropriate or incorrect use of this code.

Click here to download the code.

Custom dictionary

If you install this custom dictionary to your eReader,
you will be able to access information about Matlab functions while you read.

Click here to download the dictionary.